PPC (Pay Per Click) Paid Ads

Need to earn lots of money from your business? If yes, then Pay per click marketing model is perfect for you. It is a very effective strategy that attracts the largest percentage of search traffic. So, drive profitable business to your website by hiring a PPC management company that gives great results. Pay per click cannot solve all of your problems, but it’s an advertising technique to elevate your company’s growth. With a variety of ads format, pay-per-click can reach your audience in many ways such as Text Ads, display ads, video ads & re-marketing.

Xtrim Digitech is the well-known Pay Per Click Company in Indore, India, for its strategic keyword recommendations. We specialize in Pay per click management and digital marketing campaigns at an affordable price. Our knowledgeable and determined Google Ads experts use the latest techniques and tools to do a substantial keyword analysis for your business.

We work on those keywords that will convert into a huge number of leads. We aim to generate maximum Return on Investment (ROI) by bidding only on those keywords that are likely to give the best results.

As a leading PPC advertising company in Indore, we offer the Best PPC services to our clients worldwide. We expand your business by providing you the best online visibility with a large no of traffic and more customers every day.

Pay Per Click Management Services

Not getting enough traffic on your Business? Grapple to get the desired conversion rate? It’s high time for you to launch a pay per click campaign. But bouncing into the PPC won’t help much unless you have a team of certified Google AdWords professionals who are skilled in devising and managing campaigns that deliver. Xtrim Digitech is a reputed PPC Management company that has been implementing result-oriented PPC campaigns to a domestic or International clientele for more than a decade.

Our team of Google AdWords certified professionals have years of experience in formulating custom PPC campaigns. They conduct a broad study of keywords before launching a PPC campaign and then write compelling ad copies to engage your target audience. The team works in close coordination with you to make sure that every rupee spent on advertising adds to your conversion rate. Once the campaign starts rolling, the team measures the performance and twists the ad copies to optimize the cost per acquisition (CPA) and click-through rate (CTR). With Xtrim Digitech PPC management services at your disposal, you can rest assured that your conversion rate will rise significantly.


Our PPC Management Services include:

PPC Audits

As a part of our PPC Audit services, we examine your existing campaigns, find out the missing opportunities and provide detailed, functional reports to help you improve performance and generate maximum traffic.

Facebook Ads

To help you grasp the social media reach of Facebook, our experts design highly targeted Facebook lead campaigns that help you target millions of users every day and increase conversion rates.

Google AdWords

Our Google Ads specialists understand your target market and create an effective Google Adwords campaign with the right keywords to help you get a better position or call reach on Google, drive maximum traffic, and increase conversions.


Our Remarketing services are focused at helping business owners drive users to their website who earlier showed interest in their products and services. We design ads for the selected set of users, ensuring higher conversions and ROI.

Xtrim Digitech PPC Management Services: Key Features

PPC bid management

We will manage all of your PPC bid management requirements, such as observing bid gaps and price changes as well as maintaining bid positions. Our PPC bid management team source “clean data” to develop and tweak bid rules to ensure the highest level of return on the money you spend on ads.

Landing Page Optimization

At Xtrim Digitech, we will design and implement custom landing pages for you, which can be easily customized and adapted to your business requirements. We will explore variations on layout and content, and will then use multivariate tests along with A/B split tests to regulate the most effective landing pages.

Keyword research & selection

We will research your business in-depth and use advanced keyword research tools to find the best and most profitable keywords to use in your PPC campaign. We will look for the keywords most likely to close into a sale, and will also inspect long-tail keywords that have the potential to drive targeted traffic to your site.

PPC monthly analysis

We submit a monthly report to our client at the end of each month, which will provide a wide overview of your campaign’s performance. This involves the data on individual keyword costs, conversions, performance trends, and more.

Campaign improvements

We will make a refinement to your PPC campaign on a regular basis, which includes, but it’s not limited to, changing your title/description copy, making moderation to your keywords, and adjusting your bids periodically.


Conversion tracking

Our PPC expert team will track your conversion rates, and modify your PPC campaign accordingly to ensure you get the maximum bang for your buck.

Campaign Testing

We ensure the consistent transition from daily changes in your campaign to more comprehensive changes during your campaign’s lifetime. Our PPC management service experts will approach each adjustment as an individual business decision by using the campaign goals, performance data, and testing results. We will constantly examine, update, test, and modify all aspects of your campaign as required, and will test creative changes (new titles, descriptions, etc.) on a regular basis.

Ad optimization and testing

As part of your PPC campaigns, we execute multiple ads for all groups of keywords and then test the benefits of each ad. Our PPC expert’s team will constantly observe and analyze the ads to find out which ones are not working right, and boost upon the successful ads. We will optimize your ads by inspecting the human thought processes behind the message you are trying to convey (in order to write appealing ads) and message discipline. We will make sure that your PPC ads are aligned with your business goals while taking into account Quality Score implications as well.

Ad creation

We are well familiar with creating advertisements for a wide variety of business verticals, and our experienced digital marketers will develop a sound and comprehensive ad strategy for you. Our PPC advertising team will make sure that specific groups of keywords, ad messaging, and compelling landing pages all work together in tandem to put forwarded targeted and revenue-driving traffic to your website. We guarantee to summarize your message within 70 characters or less, which is the accepted norm for such ad descriptions.


Contact us today for a FREE PPC survey of your existing PPC campaigns, and our PPC management service experts will get back to you with a detailed analysis and a step-by-step plan of attack to ensure best results.

Frequently Asked Question

PPC marketing or pay per click marketing refers to the practice of using ads to draw in traffic to an internet site or a selected webpage. In this marketing model, a client usually bids for keywords associated with his niche or business within an advertising platform. The advertising platform tries to match the advertiser with a relevant audience who are checking out information related to an equivalent keyword.
Once an individual searches for the keywords selected by the advertiser, he are going to be automatically shown the ads written by the advertiser along side the search query results.
The advertiser, during this case, will only be charged if the person clicks on one among the ads and visits his website or webpage. So, this leads to a win­ situation for all the parties involved because the advertiser gets targeted traffic for his website, and therefore the searcher can find the product/service associated with his search query easily by clicking on the ad for the precise product/service.

There are primarily two sites which supply PPC advertising, Google AdWords which is now referred to as Google Ads, and
Microsoft Bing Ads. There are numerous other sites and ad networks which supply PPC advertising, but they account for fewer than 10% of market share as these two sites are liable for almost 90% of the PPC advertising market.

Google Ads allows you to point out your PPC on Google search results and other partner sites which participate in Google ads via their AdSense program for publishers. Bing Ads, on the opposite hand, allows advertisers to point out their PPC ads next to the search results on Bing program , Yahoo and MSN sites and other web properties owned by Yahoo and Microsoft.
Yahoo wont to have its ad platform a couple of years ago but abandoned it in favour of a partnership with Microsoft which allowed Yahoo to cooperate closely with Bing. Travel websites are ready to specifically target travel websites as an entire , or identify the precise websites they want to seem on.

This question is usually the foremost asked one by advertisers who are perpetually worried about the audience they're going to get with PPC ads.
To answer this question, we'll got to understand the difference between search and display advertising.
Both search advertising and display advertising are a part of PPC marketing and are a touch different from one another in some
areas, whereas they also share some fundamental similarities.
Search advertising PPC ads are shown to users who are checking out something employing a program .
They are the ads which you see above the organic results on program results pages or SERPs.